The Ultimate App for all your EV needs.

Locate the Best Charging station near you, Navigate their and Get your ride all charged up.


Core features

EV Charging and Services just got easier!

Charging Information

Charging Information

Get information and specifications for your nearest charging station. Ease your way out of searching for the best charging station near you!

Navigation Assistance

The App assists you to navigate through the ways and get to your selected charging station.
Slot Booking

Slot Booking

In a hurry? Book a slot for your charging period and get the best service!


The Buisness Development Roadmap


The SelectricGo V2

Start 2023
We have planned to release Version 2 of our Application, planned to include Payment Gateway, Slot Options and Smoother UI.

The Integration Spell

March 2023
After acquiring a better version of our app, we will look towards further Integrations and a Business Development cycle.

The Executive & Finance Outlook

Start Q3
After having our first clients and constant improvement in the Infrastructure. We plan to get the execution and funding in place.

The SelectricGo V3

Starts Q4
We believe in constant technical development, hence Version 3 of our application will be planned. Equipping the Machine Learning Recommendation and slot booking is the envisioned model of our app.

Upcoming Brainstormings

What's coming up next?

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Optimized Route Planning

The feature that enables you to plane a route for your long distance journey and travel without hassles!
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More Charging Stations

We are constantly updating our database and adding more charging stations on our web.
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Why only Android? SelectricGo will be available on Apple Store soon!
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Better User Experience

We are constantly upgrading our designs and working on the user's experience.
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Live Traffic

Get live information about the status of the charging station you find best for you.
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Slot Booking

Book a slot! Now get a hassle and queue free charging experience.

Our Achievements

Some Accolades & Recognitions

AIC-Sangam Incubated

Incubated under AIC Sangam, India's top cleantech incubator, we are revolutionizing sustainable mobility with cutting-edge electric vehicles and advanced mobility services.

Startup India Grantee

We are a DPIIT-recognized startup, driven by our commitment to sustainable mobility. As a proud recipient of a 5 lac grant from Startup India, we are accelerating our efforts to transform transportation.

DTU IIF Pre-Incubated

We are also proud to be pre-incubated under DTU IIF. This prestigious association provides us with invaluable resources, mentorship, and access to a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Y-Combinator Top 10%

Proving as a dynamic startup even in the ideation phase, we take great pride in being recognized as a top 10% candidate at Y Combinator 2021 Applications, One of the world's most renowned startup accelerators.


Team SelectricGo